“Flagship” Project

Mission challenge is to deliver a payload to a remote location using an autonomous aerial vehicle.  Payload is fragile and must be delivered intact.  Aerial vehicle must return to home base.

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We have a tutorial at just about every meeting.  Tutorials range from basic soldering, micro controllers, programming, maker space equipment usage, etc.  Instruction is for all levels of skill.

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Individual Projects

Many members work on their own projects.  Help is available from others in the group for your project if you desire.  We enjoy introducing others to new technologies and learning from each other.

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Robotics, Mechatronics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence

Our group is composed of Engineers, Scientists, Technicians, Computer Programmers, adults, kids, etc.  Parents have brought their interested and gifted kids that want them to be around ambitious robot enthusiasts so they can grow.

We welcome all ages and levels of knowledge and skill.  Our tutorials are usually geared toward the novice.  No one in the group is an expert at everything.  Each group member is skilled at one or two aspects of robotics.  We all need to work together to make a complex automated machine.

The goal of the group is to have a fulfilling teamwork experience together, have success in our projects, and learn many new things along the way.  Check us out!

Next Steps…

Step 1: Join the Camarillo Robotics group on Meetup.com (link button to the right).

Step 2: Come to one of our meetups! They are currently every Tuesday from 6-8pm at Tom’s house (address on Meetup.com)

Step 3: If you are a beginner, consider purchasing a laptop (ask one of the members for advice) in order to learn to program microcontrollers.

Step 4: Purchase an Arduino or Raspberry Pi starter/tutorial kit (ask a member for advice).

Or email us at the address below and ask your questions.  We look forward to meeting you!

Camarillo Robotics Meetup