Intro to Arduino

During next Tuesday’s meeting, I am planning to do a short (15 minute) Arduino tutorial.

I will discuss at a level for beginners through intermediate:

Arduino is a microcontroller.  Microcontrollers are the foundation of most robotics.

what is Arduino?

why does it exist?

why is it popular?

what other options are there?

How do you use it?

How to program it.

How to get it to do something very basic.

A very high level overview of the quadcopter control.

If you are interested in using Arduino, I recommend buying one between now and next Tuesday.  They are available at Fry’s Electronics and also on Amazon (and many other places online).  Of course, you can bargain shop, but here is a link to one on Amazon:…­

You can also get a nice starter set (for only $35) that includes sensors and input and output devices:…­

If you buy this starter set and you come to the meeting on Tuesday, you could be quickly on your way to a self-sufficient Arduino user!

I encourage anyone else to bring a tutorial or a demonstration.  If several people bring something, we can run the meeting with breakout sessions.  Please try to let me know ahead of time so I can put a schedule together.

– Tom

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