Camarillo Robotics Meetup

[Update from last week: we made excellent progress assigning roles and forming teams for the autonomous aerial vehicle project!! … and a large group had fun during Mel’s soldering class, part 2!!]


Welcome robotics enthusiast!! 

No experience necessary … only a passion and/or interest in robotics, mechatronics, engineering, STEM/STEAM, etc! Under 18 welcome, accompanied by a responsible adult. 

We’ve got a growing great group of robotics enthusiasts of diverse ages, knowledge, and experience, including seasoned professional engineers and scientists, and we are getting started on an exciting project related to the development of an autonomous fixed-wing aircraft capable of safely delivering a package to a remote location in a very unique way — JOIN US!!



6:30 PM

• Official group meeting

• Welcome new members

• Autonomous aerial vehicle project update (microcontroller R&D group progress, project tasks broken down into more detail, etc.)

• Tutorial links and reference material for beginners

• New member tour of the makerspace by RCmakes staff


Optional the rest of the evening: (depending on your interests)

• Additional discussion, planning, and R&D for autonomous UAV project

• You’re also welcome to work on your own projects!


7:00 PM | Arduino tutorial and demo [Tom T.] (optional)

Tom is going to do an Arduino tutorial with anyone interested during this meeting. Tom will have all the parts and equipment necessary to do the first project. If you have a LAPTOP, though, PLEASE BRING IT. If you have any of your own equipment (Arduino, etc.) of course bring that also.
Tom is going to go over a simple, hands-on tutorial that will show how powerful the Arduino is and will get you started and give you a basic understanding of what will be happening inside the “brain” of our autonomous airplane.


7:45 PM

• Part III of SOLDERING WORKSHOP, with Mel Beckman! (optional)

• Don’t forget to bring your soldering project with you, etc.

The tutorials/workshops are optional — you’re welcome to work on your own projects or on the autonomous aerial vehicle with the teams. 

Please note that the makerspace closes at 10 PM on Tuesdays.

See you soon!

Robotics Camarillo Club


October 10


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

Click to Register:

Camarillo Robotics


Rancho Campana High School

4235 Mar Vista Drive

Camarillo, US

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